Norris Precision


Norris Precision performs complex machining of castings, forgings, bar and plate stock using the latest 3, 4, & 5-axis milling and turning centers. Our large 5-axis machining centers give Norris Precision the ability to efficiently and economically adapt to all of our customers’ technical requirements, allowing us the versatility not seen in all manufacturers. The major benefit from the use of five-axis machining is the ability to hog-out extremely complex parts in a single set-up from a solid that would otherwise have to be produced from purchased castings, greatly reducing lead time and cost. Machine set-up times are virtually eliminated by the use of tool pre-setting systems that are completely integrated with our equipment to allow us the flexibility to be competitive on any project. Norris Precision’s CAD/CAM systems utilize industry best software to generate sophisticated programs and files for all our machining centers.

Metal Finishing

Norris Precision Mfg. offers the highest quality Nadcap certified chemical processing. We offer chromic and sulfuric anodize, chem-film, and passivation processed to a wide variety of government, military, and customer specifications. Having this capability in-house greatly reduces manufacturing lead-time while improving quality by having complete process control to maintain dimensional integrity.


In addition to Norris Precisions machining capabilities, we offer a full range of value-added assembly options. From installing Helicoils, Slimserts, Keenserts, Lee Plugs, Lee Restrictors and Rosan Fittings to a variety of studs, pins and bushings, we can supply all components to you machined and assembled complete. Norris Precision can also provide upper level assemblies incorporating those components to reduce part counts and overhead costs related to the procurement and assembly of individual components.

Computerized hydrostatic pressure testing, up to 7500 PSI, is performed using various fluid media. Hydrostatic tests are conducted under the constraints of either the industry's or the customer's specifications, using our upgraded computerized pressure test stations.

Lean Manufacturing

Norris Precision’s Lean Manufacturing initiatives ingrain the discipline, daily practices, and tools needed to establish and maintain a persistent, intensive focus on processes that are measured to expected results. They identify value added activities in the value stream to eliminate waste and improve manufacturing and business processes. Norris Precision’s Lean culture utilizes the disciplines of Leadership Standard Work, Visual Controls, and Accountability processes to drive Kaizen projects that eliminate waste while increasing capacity and reducing lead time.